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Get Your Fallout Shelter Supplies - Northwest Shelter Systems

Get Your Fallout Shelter Supplies

Don’t pretend the world is not in turmoil. Keeping your head in the sand puts you and your family in danger. Whether you are focused on nuclear, chemical or biological warfare, natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes, or the predicted return of Planet X to our system in less than ten years, you need to be prepared.  Fallout shelter supplies will mean you survive. In the event of an emergency, what needs to be in place?

  • A safe room that will protect your family against any assault
  • Non-perishable food
  • Drinking water and filtration systems to make water potable
  • Toilet facilities inside your safe room
  • NBC filtration system to protect your air
  • Flashlights and batteries


This is a bare bones list of absolute essentials. Sit down with your family and list the clothing, medical items, hunting or fishing equipment, and cooking supplies you will need to survive. Prepare now for peace of mind.

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Is Planet X Real?  Guess it depends on whom you ask. There are respected scientists who believe that Planet X is either a comet, another planet, or a dying brown dwarf sister to our own sun. Whatever the exact nature of the body, theoretically this threat will enter our solar system sometime in the next ten years. Many estimates have it arriving in 2012. So why does this matter? When its orbit interacts with our planet’s own, it will cause devastating effects in our environment. It may actually change the earth’s rotation and the position of the poles. This will create destructive natural disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes will take place all over the world.It’s important to be proactive in your planning, Even if this threat is not real, in such a massive universe it is easy to see how likely it is that some rogue planet or heavenly body will intersect with the Earth eventually. Prepare for this possibility at the same time you prepare for natural disasters: prepare your safe room and gather your fallout shelter supplies.It’s human nature to avoid thinking about impending crises until it is too late. Maybe that’s why our world is in the state it is, with health crises, economic turmoil, and terrorist attacks. Rise above your human instincts, go against the tide and take action now. There is no better time to protect your family’s future.

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