Buying an Underground Shelter

Buy an Underground Survival Shelter for Your Family’s Security

It’s a harsh reality to realize that we live in a world where we have to consider protecting our families from widespread destruction, such as nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. Not to mention terrorist attacks, intruders who come into our homes kill, rape, kidnap and burglarize, then there is Mother Nature when she gets angry and throws some pretty dangerous disasters that we need to protect ourselves from. It’s much better to face the facts and be prepared than to have to scramble at the last minute for a contingency plan. There are several levels of protection depending on what you options you choose. Not everyone who decides to build a shelter is in fear of a nuclear war or believes that the world is coming to an end. There are endless reasons why you should consider a shelter to protect your family. Here are just a few;

Safe room or panic room: if your only concern is protecting your valuables or family from an intruder then a safe room is a great way to go. A safe room is the least expensive, but protects your most valued. A safe room can be simple to just store your collections, a safe, guns, etc. It can also be equipped with a vault door, security system and communications so in the event of an intruder your family can retreat inside, secure the door and call for help.

Underground concrete survival shelter: including all of the above uses, your underground shelter can be set up to comfortably house you and your family for a few days during an unforeseen disaster.

Underground concrete NBC bomb shelter: all of the above including but not limited to a nuclear attack. Of course this shelter in order to fully protect from a nuclear attack will have to include NBC filtration system, power supply, water system, EMP vault, food stock for your entire family for a minimum of two week, plus so much more. It is not as difficult or confusing as it sounds, that is where we come in.

That is just a few short descriptions, there are numerous options that would fall in between. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our goal is to help you protect your family! It is up to you what level of protection you feel you need.

At Northwest Shelter Systems, we take all factors into consideration as we collaborate to design your shelter. This includes the terrain, the climate, your specific security needs and your budget. We’ll see your project through from conception to completion, so you don’t have to worry about taking on something you can’t handle on your own.

Construct the Exact Underground Shelter Design You Need

Our underground bomb shelters are much more than shelters – they’re homes. When most people think of a bomb shelter or bunker they imagine a cold, damp, tight spaced concrete room. Times have really changed, that may have been the case years ago. Today as you begin crafting your underground shelter designs, it’s important to realize that these structures are more than just bunkers. For example, your bomb shelter can include a fully functional kitchen, operational bathrooms with showers, a laid back cozy living room and comfortable bedrooms.

But you can customize it even further. Do you need a gun safe? How about an EMP vault? What kind of carpeting do you want? What kind of kitchen tile? What colors do you want to paint the walls? We can even help you with supplies like food, medical kits, NBC kits and more.

Try this, start making a list, just for entertainment purposes, what do you think you will need to survive for a few days, few weeks in a shelter you cannot come out of until it is safe outside. Just leave the list out for the next few days where you can add to when you think of something else. You will be amazed, how long that list becomes. Now when you are pretty sure you have finished, (most likely a few days will go by before you don’t think of things to add) it is considerably longer than you would have thought it would be. Now what if you only had a few minutes to prepare? What if you were only able to collect the things that you first thought of (if you happen to have them on hand)? How many very important things would you have to do without because you were not prepared? Making the decision to build a shelter to protect your family is the very same concept. You don’t want to wait until it is too late and you scramble to make the best of it.

Believe it or not, you need to ask yourself these kinds of questions. After all, we can’t prevent disaster from striking. But we can proactively ensure your protection and comfort in the event the unthinkable happens.

Northwest Shelter Systems: Superior Underground Survival Shelters for Sale

Since 1990, Northwest Shelter Systems has helped clients across North America build the exact underground survival shelters they need to protect their families.  With over 120 years of collective industry experience, our technicians are familiar with building shelters on all kinds of properties in all kinds of climates. Because of that, you can be confident knowing we’ll design a solution that’s perfect for your property.

Our technicians will help see your plans through from the beginning to the end, so you can rest comfortably knowing that experienced professionals will build your shelter to your exact specifications. Making the decision to build an underground bomb shelter is a difficult one, but it’s necessary. In order to build the most secure shelter for your family, you need to consult a team of professionals who can explain all of your options.

Contact our team today. We’ll help ensure your family, loved ones and possessions are safe in the event catastrophe occurs.

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