Concrete Bomb Shelters

Protect Your Family in Any Catastrophic Scenario With Concrete Survival Shelters

Nobody knows when disaster will strike. No matter how hard we try, we can’t do anything to prevent the unthinkable from happening. With so much conflict in the world, it’s only a matter of time before the next catastrophic event occurs. While you can’t do anything to prevent a serious attack from taking place, you can do something about how you’re able to respond if such a scenario becomes reality. You have the choice and the ability to do something right now, which will protect you and your loved ones in the future.

When you build an underground concrete bunker, you can provide safety and security for your family and loved ones in case a nuclear, biological or chemical attack takes place. You don’t have to be an expert that is what we are for. You just need to make that decision, call us and we will do the rest.

Take the Safe Route with an Underground Concrete Shelter

Are you ready to provide safety for your family in case a catastrophic event takes place? When you build an underground concrete shelter, you’re taking a proactive step to ensure that your family, loved ones and possessions are safe in case the unthinkable occurs. Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it, it’s not that difficult. All you have to do is give us a call. You want to build it yourself? Great, we have the supplies you need such as Vault Blast Doors, Blast Hatches, NBC Filtration Systems and bomb shelter plans (blueprints). Have questions while building, give us a call and we will gladly help you out. At Northwest Shelter Systems, we are here for you no matter what stage you are in, thinking, planning, building, operations and heaven forbid repairing your underground concrete shelter.

At Northwest Shelter Systems, we like to think of our underground bunkers as underground homes. If you’re forced to live in your shelter for an extended period of time, you won’t have to compromise on life’s conveniences. Our shelters include fully functional kitchens, operational bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms, so your family will be cozy in every imaginable scenario. Most people picture a bunker or bomb shelter as a cold concrete hole in the ground. Not anymore, now we can build them as simple as you want or as extravagant as you can imagine.

On top of that, your entire underground concrete home can be completely customized — including the colors of the walls, the kind of carpet you put down and even the type of tile you choose in your kitchen. You can also choose to select other accessories such as, floor, wall and gun safes. In other words, we turn your dream shelter into a reality. You tell us what you want, and we build it.

Building Customized Underground Concrete Shelters Since 1990

For nearly 25 years, Northwest Shelter Systems has constructed underground concrete bunkers of the highest caliber. Not just a bomb shelter but an underground home for your family to survive a catastrophic disaster.

Our technicians have over 120 years of collective experience building shelters across North America. When you contract our services, our team will work hard to help design the precise survival shelter you want, customized to your property’s terrain, climate, your security needs and your budget.

We’re not an Internet broker. When you choose Northwest Shelter Systems, you’ll work with our employees – no local contractors. This means your underground shelter plans will remain completely confidential. We do not quick fabricate or slap together a shell that you still have to bury and finish. No, we work hand in hand with you on your location so you can see exactly what you are getting and why it is the best. When we build it on site, you see from start to finish, you can ask questions, make reasonable changes and when it is finished you will know your shelter inside and out.

No project is too big or too small for us. Our mission is to help our customers meet their specific security needs. We’ll see your project through from conception to completion, so you don’t have to worry about taking on a bigger project than you can handle on your own.

Contact us today to get started on finding a solution for your security needs. (844) NBC-DOOR (844) 622-3667.



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