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Our Process - Northwest Shelter Systems
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Our Process

How to Build a Bomb Shelter

What differentiates us from other bomb shelter companies? We keep your project 100% confidential, even the concrete truck drivers don’t know of the nature of your project, as we own our own concrete pump. We pay very close attention to detail and except nothing less than a job well done to your full satisfaction. We put your needs first.

The following is our step by step bomb shelter construction process:

1. We do a complete on site evaluation of the proposed area where your nuclear bomb shelter is to be built.

1. The feasibility of the nuclear bomb shelter in the clients preferred location.

2. The existing soil conditions, which includes checking the type of soil you have. Is it expansive, is it stable, is there rock, how high or low are the water tables? These factors help determine how we custom design and reinforce your underground bomb shelter.

3. The onsite grades, are we building on a slope or a flat terrain?

4. Determining the best way to build your bomb shelter to insure complete secrecy while the shelter is being built.

5. Above ground drainage, determining how the water will drain away from the area above your NBC shelter.

6. Determine the proper size and type of the bomb shelter to accommodate the anticipated occupancy load.

7. At this time the client is able to select the many options we have available, such as the inside and above ground finish etc.

At this point we are able to completely custom design your underground nuclear bomb shelter to suit your needs and budget as well as develop a construction time schedule based on the above data.

2. After careful planning and designing, we schedule our crew of home based professional shelter constructors to arrive at your site at a specific time. The bomb shelters’ material list is scheduled for delivery at the time our construction team arrives.

3. Our crew arrives and does a quick over-view and site prep, then begins construction usually the same day or next day.

4. Our crew excavates the hole where the bomb shelter will be constructed and pours the footings. Then they will pour the walls and ceiling (with you blast doors and air filtration steel piping in place). We then wait for the concrete to cure and start back filling it until it is covered. Then they simply fine tune the site, and depending on whether you want your shelter finished on the inside by our crew, they will then start finishing the inside with carpet, tile, or whatever options you chose.

5. After all is finished to your full satisfaction, our crew simply departs from your site, and you will have your very own underground bomb shelter.

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