Shelter Repair

Shelter Repair

Northwest Shelter Systems – Shelter Repair. We at Northwest Shelter Systems take pride in the fact that we are beyond compare in the shelter repairing field, not only are we qualified to do your project, but we are able to offer you the following services.

Repair:  Due to many other inexperienced shelter companies we have repaired caved roofs, walls, tunnels, and have installed shell support systems, tile drains, reinforcement and anchor systems also repairing leaks and leak damage. Sadly some people have mistakenly thought that metal containers would make a great underground shelter. Unfortunately they are not designed to be buried under the ground and therefore are not strong enough to withhold the weight of the dirt on top of it and it caves in rather quickly, even the sides will buckle under the pressure. Without a tremendous amount of restructuring support you are just wasting your time and money. Whatever the damage, our crews (certified in this particular subject) can take care of your problem.

Remodeling & Additions: If your shelter does not have adequate space to suit your needs, we can customize and construct additions to you your pre-existing shelter. Has your family grown since your Underground concrete shelter was built? Did you just purchase a place with an underground bomb shelter and it is not they was you want it? Maybe you even have the long handed down family estate that has an old underground bunker already on it. Would you like to restore it or add to it? That could make a really unique entrance to your new underground concrete bomb shelter. Just think of the possibilities, whether it is upgrading, repairing or completely new, you dream it, we build it.

Retrofitting & Upgrading Components: If you feel your air filtration system is not adequate, we can retrofit your unit with a top of the line Swiss made Lunor NBC filtration system. If you need a better water supply or need a more sufficient septic system for your shelter we will install them for you. If you are in need of an NBC door we will retrofit one of our double sealed NBC blast resistant doors.

Modernization: We install a variety of tile, hardwood flooring, carpet, granite counter tops, whatever you choose, so in the event of an intruder, natural catastrophe or nuclear fallout, your family is not only safe and protected, but can relax with all of the comforts of home. You do not have to be holed up in a cold concrete bunker or tight hidden room. We can make you comfortable while keeping you safe and secure.

Strengthening: We install reinforcements and anchor supports to your shelter or safe room. There is no point in having a safe place to locate to if it is not actually safe. Not sure if your shelter is going to hold up in the event of a disaster? Call us and we will do a walk through evaluation with you. We will answer all your questions and lay to rest any concerns you may have. If it does indeed need any work, we will gladly take care of that for you or we will advise you on how to do it yourself. Here at Northwest Shelter Systems we are committed to keeping you and your family safe.

Power Systems: We can install or upgrade your power system to whatever suits your needs and wants. We install solar systems of all kinds, battery banks, and generators. In our 25+ years of experience we have done many shelter repairs, and are confident that we are without equal in this area as well as in others. If your shelter or safe room is in need of any repair work, remodeling or upgrade we will send our qualified crew to restore it for you. If you need more space we can add additional space to your shelter or fix whatever damages you may have, we also offer EMP protection. For those who do not know what EMP is…?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), is a short burst of electromagnetic energy, also occasionally referred to as a transient electromagnetic disturbance. Such a pulse can happen in the form of a produced, electric or magnetic field or conducted electrical current depending on where it came from, and it can be natural or man-made. The phrase “electromagnetic pulse” is generally abbreviated to the initials EMP (which you pronounced by reading the letters one at a time, “E-M-P”).

EMP interference usually damages or disrupts electronic equipment, and at higher levels or energy a powerful EMP occurrence such as a strike of lightning can also damage physical objects such as buildings and aircraft structures.

The destructive effects of a high-energy EMP have been researched and used to create EMP weapons. These are usually divided into two devises, nuclear and non-nuclear. This is why it is extremely important to have your emergency equipment stored inside an EMP vault.

No matter what the issue, we will get it done in a fast and professional manner.

Contact us at (844)NBC-DOOR (844) 622-3667 We look forward to speaking with you.

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