Select From Fallout Shelter Supplies for Your Family’s Security Needs

Deciding to build an underground bunker is the first step to making sure your family, loved ones and prized possessions are secure in any scenario. While you don’t have any control over when a serious attack might occur, you can figure out how to respond if a tragedy takes place.

By deciding to build an underground bunker, you’re doing all you can to guarantee your family’s safety in case the unthinkable happens. While building such a shelter is the first step to ensuring your family’s safety, you can also go a step further and ensure their comfort. By choosing superior survival shelter supplies, you can make sure your family doesn’t forego the conveniences of modern life in the event disaster strikes.

Helping Our Customers Protect Their Families and Loved Ones

For nearly 25 years, Northwest Shelter Systems has worked hard to build our customers secure underground bomb shelters that guarantee their families and loved ones are protected no matter what.

However, we view our job as more than that: Instead of simply building underground shelters, we choose to design and build underground homes. In fact, the shelter we build for you will have a fully functional kitchen, operational bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms. We can even customize your underground home further, including the color of carpet to the color of the walls.

As you plan your fallout shelter, you’ll need to build it as securely as possible. When you’re looking for survival shelter supplies, you can’t accept anything less than the best products on the market.

With over 120 years of collective experience, our technicians will advise you on your options. We’ll help see your entire project through from conception to completion, and we’ll help you select the best accessories and supplies you need to build the exact shelter you want.

Your Fallout Shelter Plans Will Remain Confidential

When you choose Northwest Shelter Systems as your underground bomb shelter builder, you can rest assured knowing your plans will be kept private.

We’re not an Internet broker, which means that our employees – and our employees alone – will build your shelter. We don’t use local contractors. You can be certain your project will remain completely confidential.

Contact us today to start planning, designing and building an underground bomb shelter that will ensure your family is safe in the event catastrophe occurs.

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