Blast Valves

No Security Shelter Is Complete Without Formidable Blast Valves

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your family, friends and employees, you can’t afford to take any shortcuts. That’s why you need to include high-quality blast valves in any kind of serious bomb shelter construction.

Generally speaking, blast valves are built into your shelter’s ventilation system to ensure that pipes are blocked in the event that a nuclear explosion brings radiation nearby. These values prevent high-pressure air from destroying the pressure in your shelter.

At Northwest Shelter Systems, we offer the following blast valves:

  • UeV/ESV 1 bar: If you’re looking for blast valves for industrial buildings, a Lunor product might be exactly what you have in mind. Tested and approved by the Armament Technology and Procurement Group of Switzerland, this blast valve was designed according to orders of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense. Made of galvanized and stainless steel, this product also works as an overpressure valve.
  • SB-100 Sanitation Blast Valve: Following an explosion, pressure and wake waves enter a shelter’s ventilation system through external openings. When that happens, this blast valve closes in the blink of an eye, letting only a small, harmless portion of the resulting energy in. Most of the time, the valve remains open to allow for comfortable circulation — it offers an extra level of protection in case a nuclear explosion or something comparable occurs.

Northwest Shelter Systems: We Work Hard for Our Customers

Since 1990, Northwest Shelter Systems has provided customers across North America with security solutions that give them protection and peace of mind. You can never be sure when a nuclear disaster or something similar will occur, but you can proactively prepare yourself and know how to respond.

Our skilled technicians will work to build the customized security solution you need to keep your family or employees safe. We’ll travel to you and help plan out how to meet your safety goals while staying within your budget.

We look forward to serving you from concept to completion. We’re not an Internet broker, so you can be confident that your personal information and security plans will remain discreet at all times.


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