Blast Hatches

The importance of Blast Hatches.

It’s impossible for you to know when a catastrophic event will occur. However, the best way to protect yourself and your family is by being prepared for such a scenario. By deciding to build a blast resistant shelter, you can work to ensure your family remains safe if the unthinkable occurs.

In addition to having formidable blast proof doors, great bomb shelters also have blast hatches. These guarantee individuals will be able to exit the structure if the door is damaged and cannot be opened. Blast hatches can also be configured to open outward or inward, depending on your preferences.

The Northwest Shelter Systems Blast Hatch Collection

At Northwest Shelter Systems, we offer a selection of blast hatches that can protect you during a wide range of events. Some of our blast hatches include:

  • BRH Hatch: This hatch mounts on vertical shafts and features gas-charged lift struts, so you’ll be able to open it the moment you need to. Easy to install and explosion-resistant. This hatch comes standard in camouflage. You can choose from other custom colors, including artificial moss, rocks and more.
  • NWSS-BH-01: Designed for a horizontal installation, this hatch features spring-loaded lift assistance cylinders for opening. As well as spring-loaded shock absorbers that prevent the hatch from closing on its own. Hydraulic jack functionality also means that if heavy debris were to fall on your hatch, you’ll still have no problem getting out.
  • NWSS-DDH-01: Designed for ceiling installation to an outlet under a floor, this duel-door emergency hatch features steel plate internal hinges. This high-quality hatch is the perfect complement to serious bomb shelters.
  • NWSS-RBH-01 Emergency Escape Hatch: One of the best blast hatches on the market. This model is cast in place in any thickness of concrete up to 24 inches. Manufactured in the United States. The BBS Emergency Escape Hatch is a must for all shelters. When it’s correctly installed, it won’t reach the surface of the earth. This hatch also features NBC seals that will protect your family from chemical, biological weapons and radiation.
  • LUNOR PD Access Cover: With massive anchors and double hinges, this formidable blast hatch provides your family with a wealth of protection in case disaster strikes. Internal levers prevent this product from accidentally opening.

If you’re looking for a blast hatch to protect your family and possessions during a disaster, you’ve come to the right place. The Northwest Shelter Systems team is standing by and ready to help! Contact us today to learn more.

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