Minimal Survival Supplies

There are families who think that if they have two gallons of water in their basement they are prepared for a disaster. Then there are other families who know disasters today will require blast resistant doors and real survival supplies to live through a crisis. So what are the essentials that make up a survival kit?  You should have one gallon of water per person per day, and should store enough for at least three days. You need at least, preferably more than, three days worth of food per person. These foods should require no cooking or preparation, and little or no water. You need a well stocked first aid kit. Have a mess kit for each person in the family, and a battery operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries.So much more is involved in a complete survival package, but these items are a good start.

Do I Need Blast Resistant Doors? A military attack in today’s world is not going to occur in the form of a manned invasion. An enemy will more likely drop nuclear, chemical or biological weapons instead from a safe distance. It’s a frightening fact, and installing blast resistant doors on your safe rooms to survive modern day assaults is nothing short of logical.These attacks are not over in minutes or hours. The effects of such weaponry last for days, making emergency preparedness supplies an essential part of total protection. Don’t be caught by surprise. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and act with intelligence.

Emergency Preparedness Supplies Survival supplies get you through the first days or hours after a crisis, but in the event of a major natural disaster or military action you will need more. Emergency preparedness supplies will be the key to your family’s long term survival in a chaotic and critical situation.You do not have to be an extremist to see the importance of this protection.

One only needs to look back at news reports of Hurricane Katrina to see what happens to families unprepared when the worst happens. You have the power to make sure this doesn’t happen to you or the ones you love.

Double your food and water supplies to allow for at least one week’s provisions for your family. Make sure you have sanitation/hygiene products like moist towelettes and toilet paper. Have clothing and jackets for each member of your family, as well as sufficient bedding. Bring a whistle to call attention to your location if needed. Plan for an emergency as carefully as you plan for your vacation. Your life depends on it.

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