Why NBC Shelters

Our customers who make the decision to build a safe room usually begin by researching their options and considering their unique situation. Those who explore this industry at length soon realize there are levels of sophistication among disaster shelters and at that point, they contact Northwest Shelter Systems.

Nuclear bio-chemical filtration is a comprehensive means of assuring your family will be protected in the event of a disaster. In today’s environment, the threat of an invader is ever-present. Whether this is in the form of a nuclear bomb, or a biological or chemical weapon, protecting the air your family breathes with NBC shelters and other systems is vital for survival.

Other matters can also be considered. At Northwest Shelter Systems, you have many options, including underground bomb shelter construction, above ground safe rooms and more. The details, those structural requirements that guarantee an effective defense, are why customers come to us for answers.

Disaster Shelters Vary Structures that keep you and family members safe in the event of unforeseen catastrophe vary, not just within the industry but even within the options available to you when you explore the site. Here at Northwest Shelter Systems, you’ll find the full range of options, customizable to your unique situation and needs, and always carefully designed and constructed along the highest standards. Everything, from simpler disaster shelters to large Smartroom hexagonal concrete shelters , is available to you. Something far more sophisticated than your grandfather’s storm shelter , our Land Home Shelter Systems can be built to the size and specifications you require.

NBC shelters are always the preferred choice in personal protection. This term refers to the use of sophisticated ventilation and filtration systems that assure the purity of your family’s air no matter what the condition of the environment outside. This is absolutely essential.

Good preparation will mean you have supplies to allow your family to stay in place for three days or longer. This includes food, water, hygiene considerations, and appropriate bedding. You will also need to take in account issues such as first aid and medical supplies, flashlights, and tools to address damage when you leave your shelter.

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