1. Do Not Buy Your Underground Bomb Shelters From An Online Store.

Unless privacy is not a requirement. Doing so only alerts 20-30 more people about your “secret project.”

2. Beware Of Precast/Prefabricated Bomb Shelters.

Most of these types of bomb shelters are not very strong, and are impossible to hide. Not only do you have to have a crane and operator to install them, but you also have to have a concrete crew come to your site to pour the concrete slab, thus informing 20-30 more people of your “secret project.”

3. Stay Away From Bomb Shelter Construction Management Companies.

Unless privacy is not a concern. Going through such companies not only alerts 50-100 more people of your “secret project,” but alerts your local contractors as they search for bids.

4. Concrete Cast In Place Is The Best Policy.

Try to stay with companies that build concrete underground bomb shelters on site. Although they may cost more, they offer the highest level of protection.

5. Keep Your Project Private.

Go with bomb shelter construction companies that insure your privacy. Also see if they will ship your bomb shelter equipment/supplies, such as blast doors and NBC filters, to a drop location, as this will also keep confidentiality.

6. Safety First.

Concrete (poured on site) bomb shelters are safest and strongest. When purchasing an underground bomb shelter, make sure that it is concrete and built on the construction site. A minimum of 8 inches of concrete and at least 4 feet of dirt coverage is needed to provide optimal strength and safety.

7. Make Sure That You Purchase Quality Bomb Shelter Equipment.

Your nuclear bio-chemical filters and blast doors are extremely important. Products that follow the Swiss Civil Defense safety standards for bomb shelters are an excellent choice.

8. Have Your Site Evaluated.

Site evaluations are highly recommended. They will save you money and make preparing our project easier, more organized and efficient. Site evaluation costs may vary, but the cost of your site evaluation should be taken off of the project balance, make sure that the company you choose offers this courtesy. Kevin Thompson does all of our site evaluations and most of our consulting. Kevin Thompson consulting on your project ensures you the very best. His vast knowledge of underground concrete bunkers is unbeatable.  Call for a site evaluation today (844)NBC-DOOR (844) 622-3667

9. Use Imbed Wall Frames

Imbed wall frames are a must. They will keep your door openings square and even for faster installation. They also prevent scuffs and scrapes on your shelter doors. Do not slow your project, use imbed wall frames!

10. Double Up On Doors

Although it is not an absolute need, we highly recommend that you install a NWSS Vault door in front of your shelter entrance blast door for extra security. It is the only vault door with compression locks for airtight sealing on the market.

11. Be Cautious Of New Bomb Shelter Construction Companies.

There are many new bomb shelter construction companies claiming to have many years of experience and special services. Building underground concrete bomb shelters is very dangerous and takes many years of experience. We recommend that you choose a company that has been in business for at least 15 years and has quality experience. NWSS has been the leader in bomb shelter repair for the last 20 years and have witnessed many mistakes and disasters by new and inexperienced “bomb shelter companies.” It is very imperative that you take your time to research each company.

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