Survival Shelter Plan

Protect Your Family and Design Your Survival Shelter Plans

With conflicts sprouting up overnight across the globe, it might only be a matter of time before the next catastrophic event occurs. Unfortunately, we can’t control when a tragedy happens. What we can do is plan accordingly so we’re ready to respond no matter what events take place.

By building an underground bomb shelter, you’ll ensure that your family, loved ones and possessions will be secure no matter what. Do you need help creating your survival shelter plans? Our professional technicians will work with you to design the exact underground survival shelter you envision.

Our shelters come with CBRN filtration systems which make sure the air that passes into the shelter is pure. The systems also help maintain higher air pressure inside the shelter, so even if there’s a leak somewhere, contaminated air won’t get inside and your family will remain safe.

Safety and Comfort for Long-Term Shelter Survival

What pops into your mind when you think about an underground survival shelter? If you’re thinking about a dark, damp, cold concrete enclosure, you’ve got it all wrong.

At Northwest Shelter Systems, we like to think of our bomb shelters as underground homes. If the unthinkable were to occur, you shouldn’t have to miss out on the comforts of fully functional kitchens, operational bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms.

The good thing about being proactive about your family’s safety is that you also have control over what kind of structure you’ll live in should a catastrophic event occur. We’ll build your shelter to your exact specifications, down to the kind of carpet you want, the type of kitchen tile you use and the color you want to paint the walls.

Building Customized Bomb Shelters Since 1990

For nearly 25 years, our technicians have traveled across North America building shelters on all sorts of terrains in different climates. With over 120 years of collective industry experience, you can be confident that our team will help guide you toward a long-term survival shelter for your specific situation.

When you choose Northwest Shelter Systems as your underground bomb shelter builder, only our employees will work on your property. We’re not an Internet broker, and we don’t use local contractors. This means your specific project will remain completely confidential.

If you’re in the process of designing your survival shelter plans, contact us today. We’ll answer any questions you have to provide the ultimate security for your family.

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