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The VA 40 can be manually operated in case of power failure. This filtration units is designed to filter out impurities in the air such as chemical warfare and radioactive particles etc. This Product was designed and manufactured according to the directives of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense. Type tested and approved by the Armament Technology and Procurement Group.
Product Consists of:
  • Filter casing
  • High efficiency filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Air inlet with closures
  • Air outlet with closures
  • Pressure compensation screw
  • Floor fastening bracket
  • Steel dowels
  • Plastic cover
The polluted air first passes through the high efficiency filter, which retains the finest impurities (solid and liquid as well as radioactive particles). Then the air flows through the activated carbon filter, which can absorb gases by physical and chemical action. The filter absorbs chemical and bacteriological bodies from the fresh air.
The air in- and outlets are hermetically closed and sealed. The filter must never be opened. Test carried out with the gas filters over 20 years old have proven that filters remain operative over a long period of time provided they are kept sealed.

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47 cfm fresh air 24 cfm filtered air


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