Rifle Floor Safe


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Keeping your guns out of unwanted hands.

Having a gun in the house is a great idea. The fire arms usually offer protection particularly at times of home invasions. However, guns can be very dangerous when mishandled.

There are frequently reports in the news about fatal accidents that are caused by guns. This is why it’s extremely important to have gun safes for keeping the guns.
We manufacture our safes using the highest quality of steel. You will never get to hear about tragic accidents that normally occur when a member of the family plays with these dangerous weapons.

In addition, guns can be targeted by criminals. Some will break into your home just to steal these fire arms. We have safes and rooms for ensuring that your guns are out of reach of other hands except yours. It can be installed in the wall or in the floor.
When dealing with us, you’ll get the rare opportunity of getting a customized safe. We will manufacture it according to your specifications.
The design we use in our combinations is 100% burglar proof. It is not like the other systems that most other companies use which can easily be compromised by burglars.
Our safes have additional features like digital clocks and fingerprint identification. They are also water and fire resistant. Electronic locks are the best although they can be quite time consuming when opening.
Standard size is 11” X 13” X 52 ½”
Custom sizes available
Standard colors available Green, Black, White, Grey & Brown
Custom colors available

Financing Available


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