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Modern Fallout Shelters - Northwest Shelter Systems
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Modern Fallout Shelters

The 1950s focus on nuclear preparedness now seems nave. We know that “ducking and covering” does little to protect. Perhaps you think a fallout shelter is part of that innocent but ineffective approach from the past. Advanced technology and innovations have made these structures formidable.

Shelters today are advanced products informed by decades of research and development. They include nuclear bio-chemical filtration to protect effectively against the many manmade threats you see outlined on the news every day.

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Nuclear Bio-Chemical Filtration Protects An attack using chemical, nuclear, or biological attack agents leaves a need to protect ourselves long after the first strike is over. Nuclear bio-chemical safe rooms are designed to contend with all issues in the event of biological, chemical or nuclear catastrophes.

If you are planning a safe room project now, you can gain an edge with this important piece of ultimate protection. The nuclear bio-chemical filtration solutions are designed for your peace of mind.

The main components of these systems are powerful ventilation units. Be sure you choose carefully to create a substantial protection level.

Nuclear Bio-Chemical Safe Rooms It’s a fact. We need to protect ourselves against threats from outside invaders. And a military attack today will look very different from one in days past. Use of nuclear weapons is a real threat and requires complete family protection. This means adding a fallout shelter with the drawing up of home plans.

Nuclear bio-chemical safe rooms will allow prudent families to withstand both the force of an original attack, and to remain safe and secure for prolonged periods of time while the environment becomes habitable.

Professional guidance is important in planning an efficient and cost effective plan that will include every component necessary for your family’s safety in a worst case scenario.

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