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Environmentally Friendly Residential Wind Turbines - Northwest Shelter Systems
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Environmentally Friendly Residential Wind Turbines

What could be smarter or more economical than harnessing the power of the wind? Residential wind turbines collect this energy through a simple system and convert it to the same energy you currently pay the utility company to provide. Wind energy is completely compatible with your home’s electrical system.

Most homes choose to use both a local utility company and residential wind turbines to power their home. This allows energy to flow uninterrupted if wind speeds dip below the minimum at which meaningful energy can be collected. This is called the cut-in speed and typically ranges from 7 – 10 miles per hour depending on the particular turbine.

Home systems are usually configured to switch to the local utility during these times, and switch back seamlessly to turbine power when the wind picks up speed. And when turbines produce more electricity than your home needs, you can actually sell it back to your local utility company!

Depending on the specifics in your geographical area, turbine power coupled with local utility company use decreases your costs per month by half or more. Many people report savings of up to 90% over previous usage.

So if this is so wonderful, why isn’t everyone doing it? Excellent question. A wind turbine is not small; its size can make it unsuitable for urban and more suburban settings. It’s also important to deal with a reputable vendor who will help you calculate the projected ‘break even’ point for your investment, based on the average wind speed in your area, initial cost of the turbine, and electricity cost from the utility company. You can speak with one of our representatives for help in making your assessment.

There are other considerations that motivate many owners, however. A wind turbine decreases your reliance on large companies for your basics, and therefore leaves you more self-sufficient in the event of a disaster. Turbines also produce no pollution and use existing power, decreasing your carbon footprint and your impact on global warming.

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