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We at Northwest Shelter Systems, LLC (NWSS), are very proud to deliver the highest quality of underground bomb shelters to families all over North America, since 1990. We are a full service bunker construction company and we understand the complex and adverse conditions that can arise instantaneously leaving your family feeling vulnerable and unprotected. We will help protect your family with the same highest level of quality products, security features and safety precautions we do for our own family.

What is a Bomb Shelter?

Years ago shelters were very different they were designed in various types such as: expedience, personal or family, community, multi-purpose, and hidden.

Generally, an expedience fallout shelter was built in a trench with a heavy-duty roof buried beneath three feet of dirt. Both ends of the trench shelter had inclines down or the entrances were at a right angle to the trench so that the gamma rays were unable to enter. They would make the roof waterproof so in possible chance of rain, it would not leak. They did this by using a plastic sheet that was buried just a few inches under the surface and used rocks and or bricks to hold it in place.

The most inexpensive bomb shelter was built in the corner of a basement, and it hypothetically offered considerable protection. In many of the plans, the walls were made of concrete blocks. Ventilation was provided by an open doorway and or vents near the floor. The constructed the entrance to the shelter with a sharp turn to lessen the intensity of the radiation. The civil defense authorities back then, believed a basement shelter built out of concrete block could be a do-it-yourself project for $150 to $200 at that time. Precisely how much protection it truly gave you was an unanswered question.

Other sites that individuals used for such a structure besides a basement was, they would convert an old underground cistern, below earth root cellar and many other below-ground sites. Even just four feet of dirt or a couple of feet of concrete would lower the level of (not stop but lower the level of) gamma-ray radiation that would reach the family in an underground bunker.

Concrete was the preferred building material of underground bomb shelters, with the walls being at least 12 inches thick.

The federal government suggested that bomb shelters be built in a basement or better yet an underground concrete bunker buried in the backyard. This was to get as much bulk as possible between survivors, the explosion, and its after-effects.

Today an underground concrete bomb shelter is a sealed off, sheltered room or rooms which have been built in such a way as to protect you from nuclear, biological, natural and man-made threats. When we use the word sheltered, we mean “underground”. A minimum of 4 feet of soil covers the top of the shelter, shielding the occupants from radioactive fallout. The underground concrete shelter should be built in such a way as to provide maximum protection from numerous types of disasters such as but not limited to a nuclear attack. In the even the threat in Nuclear, this primarily means you will need shielding from the blast wave and protection from radioactive fallout. So what is the difference, bomb shelter, fallout shelter, underground concrete bunker, survival shelter, NBC shelter, nuclear bomb shelter, underground nuclear concrete shelter, etc. you can call it whatever you want they all basically mean the same thing. But remember just because the name is the same, does not mean they are built the same. All the research from way back have always said concrete is the best for protection. We at NWSS only build with concrete no prefab or thin metal housing from our company. When you put your family’s security in our hands we treat it as if it was our own family.

So what about those other options, gun vaults, panic rooms, safe rooms? A panic room is another name for safe room. Most security experts use the expression Safe Room instead of Panic Room to define the idea of having a high security location within your home. The concept is relatively simple, building a room within the inside of the home where you and your family can safely hide during a home invasion or other terrorist threat and call for help.

Consider a safe room as a box with only one entrance. You simply reinforce all six sides of the box and hide a single door leading into it. We at NWSS build some of our safe rooms more like a bunker or bank vault some with eight-inch concrete walls and a concrete filled vault blast door. These more extravagant designs are also used to store such things as cash, valuable jewelry, and collections. We have built others where we have reinforced the walls and equipped the room with a video monitor system, a cellular type telephone, and also added an alarm keypad.

Why would I want a Safe Room?

Unlike in the movies, most people that want a safe room want one simply built to give them enough time to get inside the room and activate an alarm or call the police for help. There are several reasons for a safe room, with the most common being fear of assault from a home invasion robber or even an abusive spouse. One of the most common reason for celebrities, politicians or just people that are considered to be rich and or have serious enemies to construct a safe room is the fear of home invasion robbery and or the horror of kidnapping for ransom or revenge.

If you ever wondered what the chances are that an intruder will find his way into your home, you’ll want to read on. The fact is, the United States leads the world in occurrence of burglaries and about four burglaries occur every minute; that’s one every 15 seconds.

What could be more horrifying or deadlier than home invasion, specifically if it could possibly include murder? Almost daily there is news of home invasion murders.

Home invasion, includes all crimes including battery, burglary, robbery, assault, rape and murder. According to the data collected by the Statistics USA and FBI –

  • One home burglary occurs every 15 seconds.
  • Most of the home invasions occur through the front door.
  • 1 out of 5 homes that are victimized by a home intruder involve murder or some type violent crime.

These are disturbing statistics. It has also been detected that insecure are targeted by criminals. The criminals appear to be aware that even if the home has a security system, that most homeowners do not generally activate it until they go to bed. So that means, the perfect time to break in is before bedtime, which brings the risk much higher for a violent invasion or even murder.

Home Invasion

A burglar is typically stoned faced and carries a weapon, which leaves you and your family at the mercy of the intruder. If the demands of that intruder are net met, such as handing over your valuables, cash or whatever they want, the result can be violent and even fatal.

The burglar usually comes in through the front door, which if there is no security alarm or if the alarm is not activated is very easy. While many home intruders may kick the door open, others might just knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Really, I bet you never thought the intruder would be so bold as to come calling like a wanted guest?

According to some statistics, intruders will also pretend to be a milkmen, a maintenance worker or even a police officer to get you to open the door. Some may even pretend to have a broken down car and they would be ever so grateful if you would let them you your phone to call a tow truck.

These reports also stated that the home intruders show no discrimination among their victims. It does not matter whether are rich or poor as long as you are an easy target.

Home Intruder Murders: Statistics The U.S, Department of Justice conducted a survey and released its special report on National Crime Victimization in September 2010. According to this report;

  • Approximately 3.7 million burglaries occurred every year from the years 2003 to 2007. A member of the house was present is 28% of these burglaries. 7% of the members were victimized.
  • In 65% of the home invasions and victimizations, the homeowner and the family knew the invader. Only 28% of the invaders were strangers.

According to these survey reports and statistics, it has been observed that home invasion murderers do not discriminate when they set out to commit the crime. If their crime is interrupted or if the household member resists their demands, they then become victimized. Don’t be a statistic and more importantly don’t become a victim or violence. Call NWSS today!

Why choose NWSS?

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The answer is simple: building a bomb shelter is a great and highly important task, which requires the type of expertise that we have acquired through many years of experience. We are the leader in underground shelter construction and shelter design. Our underground bunkers are constructed of the strongest materials, steel and concrete, and are stronger than all prefabricated shelters. Our nuclear fallout shelter walls are a minimum of 12 inches thick and our structures are buried under a minimum of 6 feet under the earth. Not only are our underground shelters built with superiority, but we also use the highest quality components, such as state of the art Lunor NBC filtration systems and the absolute finest concrete filled blast doors and hatches. We carry Lunor blast resistant doors as well as manufacture and distribute our own concrete filled vault blast doors, which offer the protection you need to withstand against nuclear bio-chemical warfare, blast, and radiation.

filtration systems and the most excellent concrete filled blast doors and hatches. We carry Lunor blast resistant doors as well as manufacture and distribute our own concrete filled vault blast doors, which offer the protection needed to withstand against nuclear bio-chemical warfare, blast, and radiation.

The best part about our underground bunkers

BSS_BH_01_51e8ca30bc7a8They look and serve much like an attractive room addition or a full fledge underground house, and they provide unparalleled strength to withstand a bomb blast or natural force such as an earthquake. Whether you are looking to build an underground shelter, NBC shelter, or your own personal underground concrete bunker to protect your family, we are here to help. We can also design your bomb shelter plans to your specifications or make adjustments to ones you already have to better fit your needs. You tell us what you want, we advise you what you will need to accomplish the full effect of safety. Vault blast door, NBC filtration system, Emergency escape hatch, Etc. you can choose a smaller safe room (for a few hours or a day), midsized bunker (for a few days) or a full sized fully furnished turnkey house under the ground (for a comfortable extended stay). We build them all, we build for you what your needs, your wants, your concerns and your budget require.

Our Commitment

So you are interested in building a shelter. Wow, where to start? How big do I need? What do I need to put in it? What kind of items do I need to protect from family in this shelter? What is it going to cost me? Where can I put it, how deep and???????? The questions can go on and seem endless. Relax we can answer all of those questions and any more that you may have.

At NWSS, we make building a shelter easy for you with our survival shelter designs. Our fallout shelter plans are designed to fit your needs. We focus on excellent quality and extreme attention to detail; we know that there is no room for error in a decision this important. We ensure the process flows smoothly from the initial consultation to planning, design, excavation, site development, etc. We are a full service company who has been in business for over 20 years and will put your family’s needs first. In addition, we also offer handicap accessible underground shelters and underground concrete bunkers for people who have special needs.

Your Privacy and Security Is Our Concern!

We keep your privacy to yourself. If you buy a prefabricated shelter you have to have it delivered. That is a minimum of 1 to 2 people at your site that now knows what you have there. Then you have to have it buried in the ground which means at least 1 or 2 local operators with equipment to dig a hole and bury it. Then you will need a crane and operator to take it off the truck and place in said ground, adding again 1 or 2 more local people who knows it’s there and now the location of it. And before you bury it you will have to have concrete delivered and poured over the whole thing, this will include several more local people who now know what you have, where it is located and most likely where the entrance to it will be. That is a great deal of locals that now know where you are hiding your families safety. Not to mention if you have local contractors come inside to install Vault blast doors, NBC filtration systems and the finishing work you require. How many local people are we up to now? So if you want your privacy kept let us at NWSS take care of it for you. This is a common way an underground bomb shelter is born.

  • You contact NWSS via phone or email and we answer all your questions and concerns.
  • You decide to take the next step and request a site evaluation.
  • One of our experts comes to your location and inspects where you want to place your shelter, the size, where you want your entrance to be and how it will be hidden (through basement, garage, tool shed, elevator, etc.) they will go over any and all of your concerns and walk you through the process and costs of the shelter.
  • After the site evaluation and you decide to move forward with protecting your family with a hidden underground NBC shelter, we deploy a crew. Our crew members respect and protect your privacy. We send a crew depending on the size of your shelter. You contact NWSS via phone or email and we answer all your questions and concerns.usually 4 or 5 experienced hard working men. They bring our equipment including our own concrete pump and they do all the work. They will rent equipment, pick it up and run it themselves. No locals are ever brought to your location from our company. We protect your privacy.
  • You are welcome to be involved every step of the way (not working). We want you to feel free to watch, ask question and make reasonable changes as the work is in progress.
  • When your new underground bomb shelter is finished, the crew leader will take you for a final walk through and explain how things work like the NBC filtration system and the concrete filled vault blast door. He will answer any of your questions and leave you with manuals and satisfaction.
  • When our crew leaves, they clean up any construction debris, gather their equipment and say thank you.

Call or e-mail us today for a quote at 1 (844) NBC-DOOR (622-3667).


We are experts on underground concrete bunkers and we carry an excellent line of shelter blast doors, Vault blast doors and nuclear bio-chemical filters. After all, nuclear bio-chemical filtration is vital to protecting you and your family from every possible threat. Many who survive initial assaults by chemical and biological weapons later succumb to the effects of breathing contaminated air. Don’t let that happen to you, please be sure to include a NBC filtration system in your shelter. Call an expert now! 1 (844) NBC-DOOR (622-3667)