Ironman 4000


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This is our 24 gun capacity safe offering 18.4 cubic feet of interior space.

Body Thickness:
10 Gauge
Fire Rating:
2 hour firewall
Temperature :
1533 degrees F.
Locking Bolts:
6, 1″ Diameter
Nickel plated locking bars:
6, 1″
Solid Bar Frame:
3/4 ”
Bolt Coverage:
1 Side
Max Long Gun Capacity:
750 lbs.
External Dimensions:
60″H x 30″W x 24″D
Internal Dimensions:
56.5″H x 25.5″W x 17″D

Actual house fire test, tested Ironman Safe at 1533°F (plus) for ½ hour. During the house fire test, the internal safe temperature reached a maximum of 191°F.

Continuous Solid Hinge with Side Locking Bar.

Solid 1/4 ” Door Plate with 3/8″ Backer Plates.

Custom orders available upon request! This includes sizes, types, colors and your own ideal features if incorporation is possible. Call for more info (208)762-8834.


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