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Building Underground Shelters
Since 1990

We at Northwest Shelter Systems, LLC (NWSS), are a proud to deliver the highest quality of underground bomb shelters to families all over North America, since 1990. We are a full service bunker construction company who understands the complex and adverse conditions that can arise instantaneously leaving your family feeling vulnerable and unprotected.

Why choose NWSS?

The answer is simple; Building a Bomb Shelter is a big task, and we are the leader in underground shelter construction, and shelter design since 1990. Our underground bunkers are constructed of the strongest materials, steel and concrete, and are stronger than all prefabricated shelters. Our nuclear fallout shelter walls are a minimum of 8 inches thick and are buried at least 4 feet under the earth. Not only are our underground shelters built with superiority, but we also use high quality components, such as a state of the art NBC filtration system (imported directly from Switzerland) and the most excellent concrete filled blast doors. We carry Lunor blast resistant doors (imported from Switzerland)as well as distribute our own concrete filled blast doors. After installing other companies blast doors for the last 20 years, we decided it was time to fabricate an elite blast door that actually offered the protection needed to withstand against nuclear bio-chemical warfare, blast, and radiation.

The best part about our underground bunkers?

They look and serve much like an attractive room addition, and they provide unparalleled strength to withstand a bomb blast or natural force such as an earthquake. Whether you are looking to build an underground shelter, NBC shelter, or your own personal underground concrete bunker to protect your family, we are here to help and we can also design your bomb shelter plans.

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Our Commitment

At NWSS,we make building a shelter easy with our survival shelter designs. Our fallout shelter plans are designed to fit your needs. We focus on excellent quality and attention to detail; we know that there is no room for error in a decision this important. We ensure the process flows smoothly from the initial consultation to planning, design, excavation, site development, etc. We are a full service company who has been in business for 20 years that will put your family's needs first. In addition, we also offer handicap accessible underground shelters.

Call or e-mail us today for a quote at 1 (208) 263-6027.

We are experts on underground concrete bunkers and we carry an excellent line of shelter blast doors and nuclear bio-chemical filters. After all, nuclear bio-chemical filtration is core to protecting you and your family from every possible threat. Many who survive initial assaults by chemical and biological weapons later succumb to the effects of breathing contaminated air.

Your Privacy and Security Is Our Concern!
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