Our Consultants

At Northwest Shelter Systems, we have the leading expert consultants in the shelter industry. Our Senior Consultants are Mark Johnson and Kevin Thompson both have an extensive knowledge and understanding of shelters from start to completion.

Kevin Thompson offers over thirty years of experience in designing, consulting and building shelter systems. Kevin is a second generation shelter contractor, his father began taking him to job sites when he was just fourteen. Kevin’s father was the original designer of the honeycomb shelter systems, and he also designed and mapped out elaborate sets of blueprints for underground concrete shelters. With a passion developed from working alongside his father, Kevin went on building Northwest Shelter Systems into the leading shelter company worldwide. NWSS has designed, built and consulted on over three thousand projects around the world.

Kevin continues to use technological and engineering advances to improve bomb shelter construction and designs. NWSS is the only shelter company that designs and implements a buried concrete bunker that offers proper ventilation and remains water tight, unlike concrete block shelters or precast fiberglass systems. NWSS is also the only shelter company that offers shelter repair, to date Kevin has consulted on over one hundred shelters that were designed and installed by other companies that needed extensive repairs.

NWSS, under Kevin’s leadership, has also begun to design and manufacture a variety of vault blast doors, hatches and the accessories that are required.
When you chose to work with Kevin on your shelter, you will receive decades of hands-on experience, as well as a complete site evaluation, shelter plans and a cost analysis. All of these will help you understand the shelter building process, feel confident that you are protecting your family and know that your privacy is guaranteed.

Northwest Shelter Systems is proud to offer three levels of consulting packages to fit your needs.

Basic Consulting
Quality Consulting
Premium Consulting
As well as custom packages.

For more information or to get started call us today: 1-844-NBC-DOOR (844-622-3667)