Remote 20 Acres

Parcel 1: Remote 20 acres bordering two sides National Forest in Northern Idaho. 3,000 sq. ft. earth home bomb shelter with an absolute gorgeous view of Schweitzer Mountain ski runs. This is a beautiful piece of property with wildlife abundant. Deer, moose, elk, bear and even the occasional cougar wander the area. Grouse, wild turkeys and many other feathered fowl inhabit the forest and quite often you get to watch a Bad Eagle soar through the sky. It is a very peaceful setting, the ideal area to call home. Due to the privacy of it we cannot offer tours. Serious buyers only. Price Range: $1,980,000 the property with a basic earth home bomb shelter all the way up to about $8,000,000 with a full fledge turnkey shelter. Price depends on the options you choose. Call our office for more information (844) NBC-DOOR (844) 622-3667.