Bomb Shelters for Sale

Nuclear fallout shelter for Sale
Parcel 1: Remote 20 acres bordering two sides National Forest in Northern Idaho. 3,000 sq ft earth home bomb shelter with beautiful view of Schweitzer Mountain ski runs. No tours. Serious buyers only. Price Range: $1,980,000 – $8,000,000 (turn key). Price depends on options chosen. Call our office for more information (208)267-0000.

Bomb Shelters for Sale
Parcel 2: Remote 12 acres in Northern Idaho, equipped with barn and creek. 1,800 sq ft bomb shelter. Price Range: $1.2 mil – 3.2 mil (turn key). Price depends on options chosen. Call our office for more information (208)267-0000.

Survival Bunkers for Sale
Parcel 3: 2,500 sq ft unique live in shelter on 5 acres in Cedar City/St. George UT area, overlooking beautiful view of city. Price Range: $1.4 mil – $2.6 mil (turnkey). Price depends on options chosen. Call our office for more information (208)267-0000.



Protect Your Family With Nuclear Bomb Shelters

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about what would happen if a nuclear bomb were detonated nearby our homes. But today’s world is far from a utopia, and with much unease scattered across the globe, it could only be a matter of time before another catastrophic event occurs.

Are you prepared to protect your family in the event the unthinkable happens?

Underground nuclear shelters ensure that your loved ones will be safe in case of a radioactive, biological or chemical attack. On top of that safety, nuclear fallout shelters can be quite comfortable. In fact, at Northwest Shelter Systems, we build shelters that are more like secure underground homes than anything else.

Our shelters include fully functional kitchens, operational bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms and more. Your family won’t have to compromise on conveniences in the event you need to live in the shelter.

Where Should You Build Your Nuclear Fallout Shelter?

When you’re choosing where to build your nuclear fallout shelter, there are a lot of factors to consider. You can build these shelters anywhere you want, but in order to ensure maximum safety, it might be best to build them in remote areas.

Take a look at our nuclear shelters for sale and see if they are right for you:

  • Parcel 1 — You’ll enjoy the enrapturing views of Schweitzer Mountain on this remote 20-acre parcel bordering two national forests in northern Idaho. This property features a 3,000-square foot earth home. Depending on the features you want, this parcel could be yours for $1,980,000. We can also help you customize your shelter to your exact specifications. A complete turnkey solution costs $8,000,000.
  • Parcel 2 — Located on 12 acres in a remote part of northern Idaho, this property features a 1,800-square foot bomb shelter. The parcel also has a barn and a creek. Depending on how you choose to customize your shelter, this property could be yours for $1.2 million. A turnkey solution costs $3.2 million.
  • Parcel 3 — Perched atop the Cedar City and St. George area in Utah, this five acre parcel offers a spectacular view of the city. The property could be yours for $1.4 million. A complete turnkey shelter will cost $2.6 million.

If you’re interested in learning more about these properties, call us today at 208.267.0000.

Northwest Shelter Systems: Your Source for Nuclear Fallout Shelters

Since 1990, we have built high-quality underground shelters for our clients. With over 120 years of collective experience, our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable. When designing your shelter, they will consider the climate and the terrain of your property, as well as your specific budgetary and security needs.

We can also see your project through from conception to completion, so you don’t have to worry about being on your own at any time over the course of construction.

Contact us today with any questions. We’ll help you prepare to protect your family and possessions in case a catastrophic event takes place.